July 23rd, 2022 – Recital at Festival de Medinaceli



July 23, 2022 – Medinaceli International Festival – Recital at the Medinaceli International Festival. Continuing with the presentation of my new album, PIANO SERENADE, released by Aglae Música and dedicated to solo piano works by Richard Strauss, this recital will include a selection of his Piano pieces op. 3 and his Stimmungsbilder op. 9. In the second half we will listen to a wide selection of the Goyescas by Enrique Granados, with pieces from the suite Los Majos Enamorados but also with other works that are not part of this famous suite but do belong to the “Goyesque” universe of Granados, such as the Serenata Goyesca, Intermezzo or El Pelele. Concert in the Colegiata de nuestra señora de la Asunción, at 8:00 p.m.

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Piano SerenadeHERE you can watch the presentation video of Piano Serenade, my new CD dedicated to the piano music of Richard Strauss, edited by Aglae Música. In this video I talk about the motivation that led me to record this album and the music on it. I make a brief review and introduction of the 3 great works that make up this CD: the Five pieces for piano op. 3, Piano Sonata Op. 5 and Stimmungsbilder, Op. 9. All of them works influenced by the style of Shumnann and Mendelssohn, with some traits of Beethoven, but that already show some distinctive traits of what the later composer would be, and even aspects that appear in his later work. You can see the video by clicking HERE. If you want more information about his music you can download the PDF that makes up the notes of the CD, by clicking HERE. If you want to listen to the album on SPOTIFY you can do it HERE.

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June 3rd, 2022: Recital at Auditori Josep Carreras

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June 3rd, 2022 – Auditori Josep Carreras: Recital with works with a strong operatic nature. 1st half with works for piano by Richard Strauss, Piano Sonata op. 5 and pieces from his Op. 3 and Op. 9. This youth compositions are influenced by the musical language of Mendelssohn and Schumann but already show traits of Strauss’ later style, among them, a strong symphonic and theatrical nature. 2nd half with some of Granados’ Goyescas, one of the most important compositions of the spanish piano literarature, full of drama and passion, which in fact Granados turned into an opera. Info and tickets here

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NEW CD!! – PIANO SERENADE – Richard Strauss Piano Music – OUT April 25th

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Richard Strauss. Ständchen & Opp. 3, 5, 9: 

PIANO SERENADE – The complete solo piano music of Richard Strauss. The young Strauss created his piano music when he was between 16 and 20 years old (between 1880 and 1884). These early works were modeled after the romantic style of Mendelssohn, Schumann or Brahms. Even though they do not display the bold chromatisms and tonal ambiguities of the later Strauss, they subtly anticipate traits of the later composer, while charmingly displaying an honest and beautiful musical message. This recording starts with a transcription of Ständchen, one of his most celebrated songs, and goes on with Fünf Klavierstücke, op. 3, Piano Sonata in B minor, op. 5, and Stimmungsbilder, op. 9. With no pretensions and a few resources, these early pieces show a little known facet of the Bavarian genius, heightened by the imagination and creative force of his youth. Released by Aglae Musica. Download PDF - Listen to the album on SPOTIFY HERE

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Youtube – During the Covid-19 pandemic I started a series of informative videos, mainly on Spanish music, explaining my ideas about the works I present, analyzing them with the score, with examples on the piano and commenting on some images associated with these works. You can find music videos by composers such as Albeniz, Granados, Falla, Mompou, Montsalvatge or Rodrigo. If you like and want to receive notifications of the following videos you can visit my channel or subscribe HERE If you want to see the playlist you can do it by clicking HERE

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February 12th, 19th & 26th, 2022: AUDICIONS ÍNTIMES

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February 12th, 19th & 26th. – Auditori Cullel i Fabra: Three Concert Lecture Recitals with Journalist and Musicologist Xavier Chavarria. Concert format in which we perform and explain about the music, interacting and asnwering questions from the audience. I will be performing music by Liszt, Granados, Mompou, Montsalvatge and Strauss.


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April 7th, 2022: MÚSIQUES EN L’OBLIT. Forgotten Music

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April 7th, 2022- Sala Oriol Bohigas. Ateneu de Barcelona: Recital for the Joan Manen Association. The musical research of the catalan musical heritage means for this Association to constantly search the funds kept by public institutions, but also and above all, to discover treasures hidden in private funds that have not yet come to light and are in the hands of their relatives. With this concert we will discover some of these recently discovered treasures and pay homage to very little-known Catalan musicians whose work has been offered to us by their descendants. We will discover an enigmatic cycle of Santiago Hortensi, songs by the musicologist Miquel Querol, the musical journalist Artur Menéndez Aleixandre, the conductor and professor Joan Pich Santasusana, the pianist Tomàs Buxó and two important teachers of the Barcelona Municipal Conservatory. marriage Margarita Orfila and Frederic Alfonso. The program will complete songs by relatively well-known authors such as Baltasar Samper, Cristòfor Taltabull, Xavier Gols and Mercè Torrents, among others. A unique opportunity to relive the memory of some of the musicians who have contributed to the development of the musical culture of Catalonia during the 20th century. Info and tickets here


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NEW DATE!!! October 23rd, 2020- Auditori Can Roig i Torres Schnittke, Bartók, Hindemith, Prokofiev: four composers of the twentieth century, four aesthetics, three nationalities, two transcripts and two original works. For our premiere we enter the labyrinth of modern sound. The birth of nationalisms, reactions to romantic expression, the fight against extremist political ideas, the rediscovery of popular music and the indifference of the general public towards the stereotypes of classical music, almost violently promoted new forms of creativity and of acoustic and instrumental research. In the enormous aesthetic and programmatic diversification of the twentieth century, fl auta is once again one of the main instruments due to the ductility of its sound and the possibility of expanding its interpretive techniques. More info and tickets

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Opening Recital at 2nd Can Roig i Torres Piano Festival

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Can Roig i Torres Auditorium – July 5, 2019, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona – Works by Haydn, Chopin, Mompou, Montsalvatge and Granados. Program that presents in the first half works that are developed around the idea of ​​variations, -Variations in F minor of Haydn- and the variations / transformations of the musical material -Ballade No. 4 of Chopin-. Both pieces in the same key -f minor- acquire dramatic dyes, each within their styles. Separating them, the little Nocturn in B Major by Chopin, where he presents a dialogue / love triangle that will also end in drama. The second part begins with the ironic and humorous Sonatine pour Yvette by Montsalvatge, continues with the Suburbs, Mompou’s work with impressionist touches, to end with The maiden and the nightingale and El Pelele, two scenes from the Goyescas by Granados.

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2nd Summer Piano Festival at Can Roig i Torres

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Aimed at students and teachers of all levels. – The course will take place at the Can Roig i Torres Auditorium from July 8 to 12.- The course will open with a recital by Alex Alguacil on July 5. (Students will have free admission). – Active students will receive 3 classes of 60 minutes. One of them with the guest teacher. – At the end of the course there will be a small audition / shared concert of students. – Students will have study rooms available. Registration: – Active student, 190 euros (170 euros students of Can Roig i Torres) – Listening student, 50 euros Documentation to formalize the registration – Biography – Photocopy of ID – Receipt of deposit in the account ES36 2,038 6889 69 6000088940, concept “Course Piano CRT “- Registration form duly filled out (request by email) Send the documentation by email to curspianocrt@gmail.com before June 20.

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