April 7th, 2022: MÚSIQUES EN L’OBLIT. Forgotten Music

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April 7th, 2022- Sala Oriol Bohigas. Ateneu de Barcelona: Recital for the Joan Manen Association. The musical research of the catalan musical heritage means for this Association to constantly search the funds kept by public institutions, but also and above all, to discover treasures hidden in private funds that have not yet come to light and are in the hands of their relatives. With this concert we will discover some of these recently discovered treasures and pay homage to very little-known Catalan musicians whose work has been offered to us by their descendants. We will discover an enigmatic cycle of Santiago Hortensi, songs by the musicologist Miquel Querol, the musical journalist Artur Menéndez Aleixandre, the conductor and professor Joan Pich Santasusana, the pianist Tomàs Buxó and two important teachers of the Barcelona Municipal Conservatory. marriage Margarita Orfila and Frederic Alfonso. The program will complete songs by relatively well-known authors such as Baltasar Samper, Cristòfor Taltabull, Xavier Gols and Mercè Torrents, among others. A unique opportunity to relive the memory of some of the musicians who have contributed to the development of the musical culture of Catalonia during the 20th century. Info and tickets here


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