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Review – “(…) Alex Alguacil takes advantage of the melodic clarity of the main voice of these pieces to offer us entertaining and deep versions at the same time. His language is a sonorous use that captivates the listener. From the block corresponding to opus 3 we highlight its dynamic variety, which shows a piano, mezzopiano and mezzoforte also seasoned by a natural rubato. Nothing sounds monotonous in the hands of Alguacil, who gives life to transparent music. (…) In addition, the performer’s technical resources contribute to the excellence of the pieces, such as the last of this work, which achieves brilliant chords and a central fugue of admirable musicality. (…) Bailiff fosters in this opus 9 that meditative climate where it is possible to make and contemplate music. Very complete Sonata (…) the superb Andante, which combines a propitious tension and balance; Scherzo whose supple agogic wins out in her fast-dancing features; and a richly phrased Finale that allows for variety in each repeated motif and creates the flow for a triumphant conclusion.” READ FULL REVIEW CD BOOKLET

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